Biohazard Cleanup

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Biohazard Cleanup You Can Trust

Unexpected trauma or biohazard disasters in your home or business can put you in a stressful and oftentimes traumatic situation. Such experiences can be emotionally draining and put you in physical danger.

At Restoration 1 of Vancouver, our highly trained and compassionate team is committed to helping both residential and commercial clients with their crime scene, trauma, and biohazard cleanup needs. They’ll take care of everything from start to finish so you can focus on other important matters.

Certified & Experienced

Our experts are IICRC certified and will follow all safety protocols when dealing with biohazards.

Advanced Tools & Resources

Our team is equipped and trained with the latest tools and techniques to get the job done right. 

Compassionate Services

We know just how difficult the situation can be for anyone affected. Trust in our team to get the job done right and discreetly.

Protect Yourself From The Dangers Of Biohazards

Coming in contact with biohazards can be extremely dangerous to your health and safety. Do not attempt to clean it up on your own, as trauma and biohazard cleanup must be done according to strict health and safety procedures.

Below are some of the risks you need to be aware of if you come in contact with biohazards or bloodborne pathogens.

This virus causes acute inflammation of the liver. It’s generally more serious for the elderly, but people normally recover from it on their own. It can easily spread from person to person through food and water.

This virus can be both acute and chronic. Coming in contact with a trauma disaster with blood and bodily fluids can put you at risk of contracting Hepatitis B.

This virus almost always results in chronic disease and spreads only through coming in contact with blood. While there are vaccines for Hepatitis A and B, there is currently not one for Hepatitis C. However, there are several medication options available to treat Hepatitis B and C.

This is a human immunodeficiency virus that attacks the body’s immune system. If not treated properly, HIV can lead to AIDS, which currently has no known cure. 

The Restoration 1 Promise

Biohazard Cleanup Made Easy


Call Now

Our team will arrive on-site equipped and ready to handle all your biohazard cleanup needs. 


We Do the Work

We do all the work to ensure your property is returned to a safe environment. 


Return to Normal

Enjoy peace of mind in a property that’s free of biohazard threats.

Compassionate Biohazard Cleanup Services

Once the police are finished with the scene and biohazard sources have settled, call Restoration 1. We will work quickly, using specialized restoration equipment and training, to clean up and repair any damages. We adhere to strict regulations and rules regarding biohazard material and crime scene cleanup.

Our primary concern is your safety, the safety of our technicians, and your property. To that end, we use all of our abilities to get the job done right.