What Water-Damaged Drywall Means For Your Home


https://restoration1vancouver.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2102&action=editThere are many different materials throughout your home that are vulnerable to water damage. These include carpet, furniture, wood, insulation, and drywall among others. This post focuses on water-damaged drywall and what it means for your home. Drywall is particularly important to focus on since it is so absorbent and makes up an important part of your home’s structure. 

Water Damage Restoration Vancouver

Here is what our experts at Restoration 1 of Vancouver have to say about drywall and water damage.

How To Tell If Your Drywall Has Been Affected By Water Damage

Water Stains

Water stains are not a good look for any home. They develop when water gets into the walls and ceiling of your home. Over time, mold will develop which leads to unsightly spots and stains. Water stains are an indication of a major water damage problem so you need to call for professional help immediately if you spot any water stains in your home. Any delays and the damage will become even more severe. 

Moisture And Texture

Not all drywall damage is immediately visible. In fact, it is often not visible at all since drywall is behind your walls. However, you may be able to detect drywall damage by feeling your walls. Walls and drywall affected by water damage often feel damp or even soggy to the touch. If you notice such a texture in your walls, you should call for help right away since it may be an indication of a serious problem. 

Hidden Signs Of Moisture

Hidden leaks or water damage that has been given time to dry can be especially difficult to diagnose. For example, the evidence of small floods may be seen under the carpet or behind baseboards. If it’s easy to pry up or remove a section of material, you may do so to check for signs of current or pre-existing damage.

Does Wet Drywall Need To Be Replaced?

Whether wet drywall needs to be replaced depends on the source of water and the amount of time it has been wet. An experienced restoration professional will evaluate the drywall and determine if it needs to be removed or can be dried and returned to its normal condition.

What To Do If Water Damage Affects Your Drywall

Identify The Source Of The Damage

First, you need to identify where the water is coming from. Until you do this, it’s hard to move forward with repairing the damage since it may just come back again later. 

Call A Water Damage Restoration Company

At the end of the day, the best way to deal with water-damaged drywall is to contact a certified water-damage restoration company near you. They have the experience and equipment necessary to deal with water damage drywall and prevent further problems from developing. We at Restoration 1 of Vancouver are one such company so don’t let any water damage linger and give us a call today for help.